Airport Lighting Services

Airport Lighting Installation

Airport Lighting Installations & Upgrades

Advanced Airport Lighting specialises in the installation and upgrade of runway lighting. All installations and upgrades managed by Advanced Airport Lighting meet the requirements of MOS 139.

A new installation or upgrade may include the following:

  • Approach Lighting
  • Runway Edge and Threshold Lighting
  • Precision Approach Path Indiciators (PAPI)
  • Obstacle Lighting
  • Apron Flood Lighting
  • Taxiway Lighting

Advanced Airport Lighting also specialises in the installation of additional equipment such as pilot activated airfield lighting control (PAALC), voltage regulators, back up power supplies, earth points and illuminated wind direction indicators.

Technical Inspection

Technical Inspections

Certified aerodromes require an annual technical inspection of aerodrome lighting and electrical reticulation systems, including the visual approach slope indicator, precision approach path indicator and electrical testing of any earthing points at the aerodrome.

Advanced Airport Lighting offers a complete electrical technical inspection, which will allow our clients to appropriately assess the reliability and effectiveness of the airport lighting system.

Airport Reporting Officer (ARO)

Airport Reporting Officer

Forming part of our complete project management, Advanced Airport Lighting has a qualified Airport Reporting Officer (ARO) to facilitate the installation of runway lighting equipment whilst the airport is operational.

This additional service allows permanent ARO's employed by the aerodrome operator to continue with their regular daily tasks.